Daily Fantasy Sports: Lead Conversion


Working with Daily Joust was certainly interesting to say the least.

The branding of the site screamed dungeons & dragons, which I am sure was very confusing to new potential players who were looking to play in daily fantasy sports contests.


I assisted Daily Joust in creating a new landing page for their 2012 football campaign. The main goal of the landing was to increase conversions. They were spending a lot of money on Google Adwords, along with additional ad campaigns that were not providing much of an ROI.

The image at the top of this post is the final mock up provided to Daily Joust for their 2012 football campaign.

The landing page design focused on the following:

– Attention grabbing headline
– How to play 1 day fantasy football contests
– Very clear sign up form with a simple 3 step process
– A fan sitting in a throne was used to tie in the branding of the site with the idea of a player feeling like a “king for a day” when they win a daily fantasy football contest.

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